New album is out

I’m very proud to announce that my latest album is out now on In Aulis, my own little label. Many thanks to Audrey Chen (voice), Michael Thieke (clarinet), Kai  Fagaschinski (clarinet), Chris Heenan (contrabass clarinet), Luca Marini (drums) and Alex Rendall (voice) for their exceptional, generous and beautiful contributions. Extra special thanks to Alison Darby for the extraordinary artwork and shoutout to Rashad Becker for the precise mastering. Head over to bandcamp to get a digital or vinyl copy.


Sound design work featured in Annihilation OST

annihilationI’ve had the the honor of contributing a few sounds to Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow’s score for Alex Garland’s new film Annihilation. Too bad I will never be able to see it on the silver screen, as the film won’t be released in cinemas outside of the US & China…

Cello work featured in Ben Salisbury’s and Geoff Barrow’s score for Black Mirror : Men against fire


I’m very proud to announce that some of my experimental cello work has been used in Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow’s score for “Men against fire”, an episode of Charlie Brooker’s third series of Black Mirror.

The sound track is available here :

A short announcement on FACT magazine can be found here :