(…) after black blocks, red zones and white lies
a sparrow will emerge from this wound                                                                                                                                                       transforming cold symbols into mutual aid (…)
Koenraad Ecker is a Belgian composer and performer of electro-acoustic music and creator of multidisciplinary performances, currently living in Berlin
His sound-work revolves around the tactility of sound, spatial audio and its scenographic possibilities, a non-traditional use of foley techniques, alternative tuning systems, the narrative techniques of editing and the paradoxical qualities of silence.
The principal themes in his works are : the relationship between the body & sound, transformation, the uncanny, and the exploration of community, empathy & alienation in a performance space.
His output ranges from studio albums to multidisciplinary performances, audiovisual installations, music for contemporary dance & theater and soundtrack work.
He has received commissions from ZKM, Göteborgs Opera, Bozar Electronic Arts Festival, Zero Visibility and has presented his work in venues ranging from freezing squats to plush opera houses in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
In 2017, one of his spatial audio compositions was nominated for the „Prix Ars Electronica“. His sound design work has been used in major film projects such as Black Mirror (2016) and Annihilation (2018).
He’s co-founder of two long-running duo projects : Lumisokea (Opal Tapes, Alter) and Stray Dogs (Kvitnu).
In 2018, he will premiere a performative installation at Korzo Theater (NL) and release a new solo-album entitled “A Biology of Shadows”, the first release on his label In Aulis . Other forthcoming projects are concerts with Lumisokea’s “Dervish” percussion project and a residency at the Akademie der Künste Berlin.


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